Boulders: Rock N Roll Will Never Die 12"

Wharf Cat Records


12" EP from this Tampa band featuring members of Dads and Ukiah Drag. It's not hard to believe that this sprang from Tampa, as it has a lot in common with the aforementioned bands (as well as some of Merchandise's earlier, noisier stuff), but it's generally way more warped, weird, and noisy than even the stuff associated with that progressive scene. While I'd still classify this as rock music, it's rock music at its most primitive and deconstructed. There's definitely more than a little no wave in this band's DNA (no pun intended), as well as some of the confrontational nature of early Swans or Sonic Youth. If you like guitars that are in tune, "riffs," or "songs" you'd best stay away. However, if you like music that still has the general timbre of rock music but pushes that form absolutely as far as it can go this is quite an interesting listen. Limited to only 150 copies.

Tags: 10s no wave noise noisy tampa weird