Bored Youth: Are You Alive 12äó?

Alonas Dream Records


More archival midwest hardcore from Alona's Dream Records. This time around it's a full LP worth of material from the highly underrated Bored Youth. My friend Scott described the a-side as "a real period piece," and I totally agree. Really, these guys would kind of fit with the middling bands on the Flex Your Head comp, but I just love the sound and vibe of those early Dischord and Touch and Go bands so much that I can't help but fall for this stuff. This also has a live set on the b-side, and while it's well-recorded and the band deliver a powerful performance, the mic sounds like it's next to the door guy so I find myself listening more to his conversations than the band. Still, if you're one of those people who want to hear every scrap of music from this era, this is well worth your while. Includes super nice packaging including screen printed jackets and clear vinyl.

Tags: 80s hardcore