Booji Boys: Demo 2016 cassette



Our take: Demo cassette from this Halifax band featuring folks from a bunch of the bands who have been releasing quality music from that rather isolated corner of the globe. While most of the stuff coming from this scene has leaned toward hardcore (the best thing being the incredible Alienation MLP that came out on Warthog Speak a while back), Booji Boys inject a lot of pop into the equation. Fitting with their name, Devo seems to be an influence on the vocals, but the songwriting is more straightforwardly poppy... if you're staying in the Devo realm, this is much more Freedom of Choice than Q: Are We Not Men?, but really this is even poppier than that comparison would have you believe. If you're looking for a current band comparison, Booji Boys remind me a lot of Liquids... they have some of that Devo-inspired quirkiness of Coneheads, but also there's an undercurrent of Lookout!-style pop-punk somewhere in there. The recording (as with a lot of the associated bands) is at times frustratingly raw, but there's something really great here that shines though the din. Here's hoping they clean things up a little bit for the next release, because what's hinted at here is really brilliant.
Tags: 10s gb325 melodic post-punk punk raw recommended