Boilerman: S/T 10"

86'd Records


The label description for this one says that it sounds like someone put the Screeching Weasel / Born Against split in a blender, and I'm not sure that I can find a better one-liner than that for describing Boilerman's sound. That's probably not a 100% accurate impression, though, as it's neither as poppy as Screeching Weasel or as obtuse as Born Against were wont to be. I think a much more contemporary (and perhaps accurate) comparison would be that this sounds like the "legit pop-punk" of bands like Tenement (and... is there anyone else who does it well?) filtered through the aesthetic of askew, Die Kreuzen-influenced hardcore bands like Raw Nerve or Nasa Space Universe. It's a weird--and sometimes uncomfortable--combination, but it definitely works. I feel like there are various points in this record where you'll think to yourself "should I actually be liking this?," either because you're a hardcore person uncomfortable with something this melodic or because you're a pop-punk person uncomfortable with bands that rage this hard, but I think that's a good sign... Boilerman definitely push me out of my listening comfort zone in a way that I find gratifying. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who will hate on this band because they're doing something so utterly different, but if you find the above description intriguing I'd highly encourage you to check this out... it's definitely top-notch for what it is, a weird beast though that may be.

Tags: 10s chicago hardcore melodic midwest pop-punk yoobl