Boilerman: Doing Great 7" (new)

86'd Records

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The new Boilerman 7" has arrived. A less bleak counterweight to the s/t one-sided 10" released earlier this year, "Doing Great" boils down the hardcore stuff and uncovers a punk band influenced as much by Dillinger Four and Leatherface as it is by Born Against or Rudimentary Peni.

Our take: On their other releases, Chicago's Boilerman reminded me of nothing so much as the 90s as a whole... mixed bills, noisy post-hardcore bands playing with earnest yet progressive pop-punk bands, and not a thought given to the idea--which seems to prevail in today's scene--that overt, major-key melody runs counter to the idea of serious punk. They had no problem sounding like Born Against on one song and Crimpshrine the next. On this newest 3-song single they let their poppier side show through and, to my ears, end up sounding quite a lot like Jawbreaker. However, unlike most bands who want to sound like Jawbreaker nowadays (and probably end up sounding more like Alkaline Trio or something like that), Boilerman seem to get the idea of Jawbreaker, channeling (whether consciously or unconsciously) the spirit and the set of values that made records like Unfun and 24 Hour Revenge Therapy come together like they did. It seems like today's pop-punk scene has been trained to like the wimpiest shit possible and the typical hardcore person runs screaming at the first sign of a melody that wasn't copped straight from Voice of a Generation, so as a result Boilerman has no place, except in the record collections of introverted, trend-averse, and vaguely nostalgic record collectors, and while it's a shame they'll never get any of that Green Day money it's nice having a band like this feel like my little secret.
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