Bodykit: Demo cassette #2



2nd cassette release from this post-Whatever Brains project.  Comes in cool screenprinted cloth packaging! Hand-numbered, limited to 100 copies.

Our take: Second cassette release from this new North Carolina project featuring Rich and Josh of Whatever Brains. As with their first tape, this pretty much continues on the same trip as the later Whatever Brains stuff, only they decided not to bring the guitars this time. While Bodykit continue to explore textures and sounds that are very, very unfamiliar to the orthodox punk world, despite their abandonment of traditional punk instrumentation they remain connected through the genre through a consistent feeling of intensity that carries throughout their songs as well as a reliance on--if not familiar or traditional--at least not totally disorienting song structures. Like Whatever Brains, Bodykit are defiantly melodic and perhaps even more vocal-oriented, taking the songwriting brilliance of something like Depeche Mode or Tubeway Army and cramming it into much denser, more ornate arrangements. Oh, and there's a sick Debbie Deb cover too. Like the first tape, this one also features some pretty darn snazzy packaging, including j-cards printed on translucent vellum, cassettes hand-stamped with the band's logo and each copy comes wrapped in a screen printed punk patch. Let's keep these tapes coming fast and furious, boys, because I need my quarterly glimpse into Rich Ivey's psyche.
Tags: electronic minimal synth north carolina post-punk recommended synth-punk yoobl