Bodykit: Demo Cassette



Demo cassette from this new project featuring Rich and Josh from Whatever Brains. Bodykit is a guitar-less 2-piece, and if you've been paying close attention to what Whatever Brains has been up to lately this won't come as any surprise. The Brains had been slowly edging toward a straightforward synth-pop sound (albeit mixed with their noisier and punkier origins), and Bodykit pretty much goes whole hog. I'm not expert on this stuff, but it sounds to me like they're taking 80s synth-pop like Depeche Mode or OMD and fusing it with the less polished, more aggro aesthetic of underground EDM and noise music. It's still vocal-centric and still based around great hooks and lyrics, so unless you have some kind of philosophical attachment to the guitar there's no reason for the Whatever Brains fan not to continue along to this new project. Oh, and I also want to note that once you take off the stupid newspaper this cassette actually looks really really cool, with stamped, clear norelco cases. Leave it to Rich to take his most distinctive visual design and cover it up with literal garbage. Oh well, we Brains fans are used to it by now. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.
Tags: 10s north carolina post-punk recommended synth-punk