Bobby Soxx: S/T 7"

Cheap Rewards Records


Spot-on reissue of this all-time KBD banger. It's on Cheap Rewards, so you know that it's going to have the attention to detail that you want, and you definitely get great sound and a strong sleeve repro. The a-side, "Learn to Hate in the 80s," is one of the great KBD anthems, and it should definitely be in your collection in some form or another. The less-comped b-side, "Scavenger of Death," not only gives its name to one of the great modern punk labels, it's also quite a nice little slice of dirge-y punk. If you dig the best Flipper tracks like "Ha Ha Ha" it should be in your library as well.

Tags: '77 & KBD 70s garage punk reissues