Bloody Riot: S/T 12"

Anfibio Records


Reissue of the shit-rare 1985 full-length by this Italian punk band. I really have no sense of where Bloody Riot fit into the grand scheme of Italian hardcore... the 1985 release date places this near the end of the Italian scene's glory days, but nothing about this LP is overly polished, rock-oriented, "too weird," or any of the other traps that bands like Raw Power, Negazione, and Wretched fell into toward the end of their respect careers (not that I'd say Wretched fell into a trap... I love their later stuff!). It's kind of striking how much Bloody Riot sound like prime-era Raw Power; they have a very similar way of weaving these really catchy lead parts throughout their songs (not just in a dedicated "solo" section), and while they don't have quite that same unhinged quality as Raw Power's best stuff, this is definitely an under-the-radar ripper. If you're into fast and catchy European hardcore from the 80s... ranging anywhere from early Dutch hardcore like Agent Orange and Funeral Oration all the way up to HDQ and Leatherface you might want to check this LP out. Oh, and it's limited to 500 numbered copies, so don't expect it to stick around forever.

Tags: 80s hardcore italy reissues yoobl