Blood Red: Seize You 12"

Hit Factory Records


Debut LP from this Pittsburgh band that (I'm not positive) may contain members of Hounds of Hate. This was presented to me as sounding like old Ink and Dagger, and that comparison is pretty spot-on. The music is dark, but definitely hardcore punk... the riffs are strong and driving, and the vocals are really mean, but super catchy. I definitely hear the I&D thing, but I could also see someone comparing this to something like H100s or Avon Ladies... it has a similar sound that is at once mean, layered, and heavy. Also, I have to mention that the packaging on this is absolutely phenomenal. It's a color vinyl, 1-sided record with a silk-screened b-side, and the jackets are hand cut and glued, 3-color silk screen jobs... the whole thing together is really something to see. Recommended. Braddock Hit Factory Records

Tags: 10s USA USHC