Blockhead: 2015 Demo Cassette

Slow Death Records


Demo tape from this new band featuring members of the underrated Koszmar. Koszmar was a bit crusty, but Blockhead, however, are a lot more straightforward, nasty, and very, very punk. This reminds me of a lot of other contemporary bands... it has the kind of intriguing sloppiness of the best New York bands like Crazy Spirit or Dawn of Humans, but it also has some of the heaviness of DiE as well as the catchiness of some of those great Glue riffs. As with most of those bands, the recording is raw, nasty, and in your face... blown out in the best way possible. There's isn't really anything composed or shaped about this... it's like someone unexpectedly projectile vomiting directly into your eye, and it's totally awesome.

Tags: 10s Canada hardcore punk raw recommended