Blazing Eye: S/T 7"

La Vida Es Un Mus


Hailing from Los Angeles BLAZING EYE sound lay somewhere between ZOUO, THE SEXUAL and QLOAQA LETAL. That is Japanese inspired hardcore punk with demonic vocals and hard as nail beats which is extremely hard to shake once you hear it. The four distorted tracks on this EP mix perfectly the low end reverb soaked Japanese influences with the best of the International Hardcore Punk of the early 80's. Making it a masterpiece of timeless punk.

Our take: Long-awaited debut 7" from this LA band who are arguably the leaders of the whole raw ponx scene down there... or, at the very least, the most noteworthy and exportable band. Anyway, I think there's supposed to be a US pressing of this (maybe it's even out already?) but I haven't been able to lay hands on it so I thought I'd grab some of Paco's version to tide us all over. If you've been following this band's demos this certainly won't disappoint... some of those tapes didn't have the best dub quality in the world, but this 7" sounds explosive. I like the band's chorus-heavy guitar sound... between that and the gargled vocals this band is definitely worthy of a comparison to the almighty United Mutation. They're decidedly more straightforward than UM, of course, but there are some nods to that brand of "psychedelic hardcore," such as the crazy stereo panning on "Devil." This EP pretty much cements Blazing Eye's reputation as a top-notch hardcore punk band, but I'm hoping they continue to push the envelope further on whatever they do next.
Tags: 10s D-beat hardcore los angeles punk raw recommended