Blazing Eye: 2013-2016 Cassette



We can't get enough of Blazing Eye here at Sorry State, and hopefully neither can you.  Wish you could have everything from them in one convenient place? Well now you can!  This compiles their 3 7"s and Demo all in one place.  With hand spray painted cassettes.

Tracks A1-A2 From "Lonely Corpse" 7".
Tracks A3-A6 From "Ways To Die" 7".
Tracks A7-A10 From "Blazing Eye" 7".
Tracks A11-A14 From "Blazing Eye Demo" Cassette.

Our take: Man, who knew that Blazing Eye had accumulated this many tracks? I actually had to go back to their Discogs page and double-check that these were all previously released, because I found it hard to believe that they had put out a full fourteen tracks over the course of their existence, but that is indeed the case. This cassette compiles their demo cassette, first and second 7" EPs, and the Ways to Die cassette (which I hadn't heard), and while these releases span three full years of release dates, it's a remarkably cohesive collection. The murk of the tape duplication makes it all sound like one thing, and it's so uniformly brilliant that I can't stop rewinding the (annoyingly high-capacity) tape and playing it over and over again. Why isn't this on vinyl? Would buy and wear out completely. Anyway, if you haven't heard Blazing Eye yet (where have you been?), they have a quirky hardcore sound that reminds me a lot of left-of-center 80s Japanese bands like GISM, Mobs, Zouo, and the like, though without the overt metallic influences of at least two of those bands. They haven't put out a bad track yet, and this cassette collects all of them. Cool artwork too, so needless to say this is highly recommended.
Tags: 10s D-beat hardcore punk raw recommended