Blasphemy: Fallen Angel of Doom 12"

Nuclear War Now!


At the end of the 1980s and into the 1990s, there was a shift in the underground metal scene. So many bands seemed to be wimping out, going in new musical and lyrical directions. They were adding in socially-conscious messages and dressing like beach bums in colourful shorts, which sure didn't speak to me. I was into black metal and death metal with satanic lyrics. I liked looking at the back of albums and at magazine promo photos and seeing band members in bullets and spikes with blood dripping out of their mouths! I got into this genre of music because all of the hatred and evil in the music and lyrics reflected the way that I lived my life. When some of my favourite bands started to forget their roots and instead started to attempt to please their record labels and the critics for the glossy magazines, I had to find something else. All it took was sending a couple of dollars down to Wild Rags! Records in California, and I was sent the latest edition of their mail order catalogue/magazine. This opened my eyes to an entire scene of black metal from all over the planet. These bands were all delivering different styles of black metal that seemed to be inspired from the regions that they came from. SAMAEL from Switzerland playing in the HELLHAMMER tradition, ROTTING CHRIST from Greece with their mystical atmosphere, MAYHEM from Norway, etc.-and most importantly in those pages well-advertised was the exact thing I was looking for to return me to my quest for the most brutal and satanic music possible: BLASPHEMY "Fallen Angel of Doom...."! Just from the looks of the cover artwork and the band photos I knew that I had to hear these guys! And to learn that they were Canadian?! Yes! Of course, I ordered this album without hesitation. Now the wait began.
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