Blank Spell: 4 Track Demo cassette

Mad at the World Records


Brand new Blank Spell cassette featuring 4-track demos of songs to appear on their upcoming LP. Just as killer as their other stuff!

Our take: Note: there are actually six songs on this demo; the title, presumably, is "4 Track Demo" because it was recorded on a 4-track recorder, not because there are four songs. Now that we have that out of the way, I can say that I'm quite taken with these rough demos, which are tracks that will eventually be re-recorded for a future Blank Spell LP. I'm sure they'll get plenty of polish down the road, but for now there's lots of interesting things lurking in the muck, with the guitars swirling around in some truly wild patterns that recall Rudimentary Peni at their most psychedelic. Playing a kind of aggressive goth / death rock / hardcore hybrid, the tough, Sacrilege-esque vocals and bruising rhythm section will satisfy any fan of DIY hardcore, but the atmospheric guitar sound and catchy songwriting will keep the goths' head bobbing as well. I'm looking forward to the eventual LP, but these demos capture something special and if you're a fan of the band (or fellow Philly band Haldol) I'd highly recommend checking this out.
Tags: 10s bf16 female-fronted hardcore post-punk punk recommended tapesale