Blades: Surf City Punk Rock 12"

Blades: Surf City Punk Rock 12"

Tags: · 80s · california · melodic · punk · reissues · ushc
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Old songs from '79/'80 that were never released before.

You might know the band from The BYO Compilation"Someone got their head kicked in"

Those songs are not on there but earlier rawer demo recordings.

Our take: Archival release of a long-lost 1979 recording session from this Huntington Beach, California punk band. If you're a real scholar of early 80s USHC you might recognize their name from the Someone Got Their Head Kicked In compilation, but I think that this definitely meets the qualification for a true obscurity. Anyway, much like the recently-unearthed recording from Der Stab, this thing absolutely blazes in the way that only music from this time and place could. It's kind of remarkable that the recording session has such an early date... I would have pegged Blades as practically worshipping early TSOL, but they must have formed around the same time or perhaps even earlier. Without a doubt, though, this is something harder, faster, and more streamlined than the Masque era of Southern California punk, but with plenty of tunefulness a la TSOL, the Adolescents, and early Social Distortion. The recording reproduced here is obviously from a source that was no longer in pristine shape, but the recording itself is clear and powerful in that way that simply but cleanly-done analog recordings from the era tend to be. It'd be a stretch to say that this could stand alongside this era's classics, but I'd put it right at the very front of the second string. A very cool listen for anyone with more than a passing history in early 80s SoCal hardcore.