Blackball: 3 Song Promo cassette



3-song promo cassette (the plan is to release the whole session as the band's debut 7" on Sorry State) from this new band featuring a bunch of familiar Raleigh heads (including Skemäta / Sorry State's own Jeff as well as members of Pure Scum, Future Binds, Abuse., Vacant Planet and more) along with Ericka from Richmond's underrated Crooked Teeth on vocals. Blackball is definitely a "Jeff band," and if you dig his style of riffing from Stripmines and Skemäta you'll definitely be into Blackball, but this project is a little different. More along the lines of something like DiE or Glue, Blackball relies on riffs that are a hair simpler and more direct than Skemäta, creating a more straightforward US-hardcore inspired sound that is just as interesting as Jeff's other band's but even catchier. Blackball are total go for the throat music, and the super raw recording here only accentuates their viciousness. Highly recommended, naturally.

Pro-dubbed version limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

Tags: female-fronted hardcore punk raleigh recommended richmond