Black Panties: Prophet of Hate 7"

Total Punk Records


Following a debut single on Lumpy Records and coinciding with a brand new 7” on Windian, Total Punk’s got a brand new hit single on their hands from St. Louis’s, black masked crybaby jerk master, Black Panties. “Prophet of Hate” is a three and half minute plodding, feedback laden, punk punisher covered in scraping guitar, reverb soaked vocals and all means of obnoxiousness. The b side is a blown out ode to Violence. Violence and hate! Black Panties definitely knows the way to our heart and is 100% TOTAL PUNK!

Our take: Latest 7" from this St. Louis band that is closely affiliated with the Lumpy camp. Two rather different tracks on this slab, and I rather like it that way. The a-side is a bit heavier, reminding me not so much of hardcore, but of dirge-y, anti-punk bands like Flipper or No Trend. The b-side is more of a straightforward punker built around a catchy riff bathed in layers of authentically KBD fuzz. I think what really separates the Lumpy crew from the rest of the modern punk scene (with the exception of the Northwest Indiana scene with which they're closely affiliated) is the emphasis on the vocals. So much of modern punk is really riff-based music that lives and dies by what the guitars are doing, but Black Panties (like Lumpy or Coneheads) put the vocals front and center, and the vocals are just oozing with personality... perhaps even moving toward the cartoonish at times. It's not for everyone, but if you have a soft spot for similarly cartoony punk bands from the Misfits to more obscure stuff like Freestone then this is a modern punk band you should be paying attention to.
Tags: 10s midwest noisey punk raw recommended