Black Panties: Dead And Gone 12"

Lumpy Records


Magnum opus from the man in black. Released in 2013 on poorly duplicated cassettes, now given the proper wax treatment.

Our take: Sorry State carried the cassette version of Black Panties' Dead and Gone way back when it was released a few years ago, and in the intervening years I guess that the Panties' stature has grown enough and there has been enough interest in this material that now it gets an extremely nice-looking vinyl treatment from Lumpy Records. Lumpy has released a heck of a lot of cassettes over the years. Since many of them are duplicated on old thrift store cassettes and many are cassingles with only a few minutes worth of music, these can often feel like throwaways. I guess that mentally I'd classified Dead and Gone with all of those, because revisiting this material I'm surprised by how powerful, cohesive, and well-executed it is. This really is a great full-length record, and it's kind of a shame that it wasn't on vinyl from the beginning. If you've been following Black Panties' more recent releases, you know that they have a really interesting sound that kind of blends the catchy elements of modern garage / Total Punk-type stuff with the heaviness of noise rock. It's like if Helmet cross-pollinated with the Adolescents, or maybe if Video got really into Black Sabbath. Without actually having heard Black Panties I doubt that that description would mean much of anything to me, but once you hear them it'll make perfect sense and you'll wonder why a million bands haven't done this kind of thing already. Needless to say, if you're into the kind of stuff that labels like Total Punk and Lumpy put out this is a no-brainer... it's one of the best records to come out of that scene, and I'm stoked to see that it's now been presented and preserved as such.
Tags: 10s hardcore midwest punk raw recommended slime punk weird