Bits of Shit: Meat Thump 7"

Total Punk Records


Latest single from this strange Australian punk / post-punk band with one of the most revolting band names I've come across in some time. These guys have a really interesting sound. On the one hand I hear a lot of sarcastic / obnoxious 80s punk influence (think Crucif***s, Feederz, etc.), but the clearly Greg Ginn-inspired lead guitar that's over top makes it sound more hardcore than most of those bands. Then addition to THAT, you have this propulsive kind of Australian garage punk vibe that virtually every band from Oz seems to have to one degree or another. At any rate, this is a pretty blistering little single that's got qualities for garage rockers, punks, and hardcore folk. Another ripper from Total Punk.

Tags: 10s Australia/NZ garage