Bits of Shit: Make Room Make Room 7" (new)

Episode Sounds


This 7" include a new song "Make Room Make Room".
It has inherited the genealogy of past great Australian Punk which they follow to Saints and Fun Things, Chosen Few, Cosmic Psychos, Venom P Stinger, Onyas and Eddy Current Suppression Ring.
An insect voice vocal approaching in Snotty such as Darby Crash(Germs) and a predominantly powerful guitar and the rhythm section where it is sturdy, and there isn't the gap don’t change.
This is exactly BOSMC sound.

Our take: One-song, one-sided 7", limited-to-500-copies from this Australian band released on the Japanese label Episode Sounds to coincide with their recent Japanese tour. "Make Room Make Room" is actually a really interesting song... a one-sided 7" with only one song is a ballsy move, but I can see why they would go for it with this track. Starting off with a sort of Black Flag-ish hardcore sprint (I always forget how near-hardcore Bits of Shit are, since I tend to group them with the whole "Australian garage" thing happening over the past few years), but as it moves from the verses into the chorus it kind of transforms into more of an upbeat '77-style punk song with some rad, rootsy lead guitar and ranting vocals that criss-cross across the beat. Since this is only one song it's probably a "fans only" type of deal, but listening to it makes me eager to hear what Bits of Shit deliver us next.
Tags: 10s australia garage melodic punk recommended yoobl