Bishops Green: Pressure 12"

Longshot Music


Latest album from this Vancouver band who have the distinction of being pretty much the best, most authentic-sounding band playing the whole street punk / skinhead circuit. While I obviously love all of the old oi! and punk that inspired this sound, I always feel like the modern stuff on labels like TKO and Longshot have too much of a Bouncing Souls / Dropkick Murphys modern punk vibe for my tastes. Bishops Green, however, pretty much nail it with a totally throwback oi!/punk sound that hits a sweet spot somewhere right between the over-the-top melodicism of Cock Sparrer and the more straightforward Sham 69 / Cockney Rejects-type sound, perhaps with a dash of Leatherface in there as well since the guitars are so darn heavy. If you've been wearing out records and tapes by bands like Crown Court, Violent Reaction, and the like this may be the next step to dip your toe into the modern skin scene.

Tags: 10s canada melodic oi! street punk