Bill Bondsmen: Until the Razor Cuts 12"

Mastermind Records


After over a decade and their most recent string of of critically acclaimed singles Bill Bondsmen return with a new full length of Detroit (nervous) breakdowns. Continuing to push boundaries and creating a sound stretched beyond the previously mentioned singles, the newest release, Until The Razor Cuts, is the soundtrack of your next existential crisis and/or nervous breakdown.

Our take: For the past several years, Detroit's Bill Bondsmen have quietly been releasing one of the most remarkable strings of singles in hardcore. I don't know why more people haven't taken notice... I suppose there are a string of factors... they're from Detroit, they seem to be a little bit older than your typical internet cool guys, they have no web presence, most of said singles were self-released, they had some earlier releases that weren't that remarkable... I mean, if you asked the magic eightball about these guys, I'm pretty sure it would say "signs point to no." However, as I said they defy the odds by making absolutely fucking brilliant music, and this LP is no exception. Here they move to the equally under-the-radar Mastermind Records, a label run by Mads who used to sing for Cola Freaks, and has released a similarly remarkable run of vinyl that pretty much embodies the term "under-the-radar rager." Anyway, if I had to pick a sub-sub-genre for those brilliant Bondsmen singles it would be something like "outsider hardcore," as they had a lot in common with the quirky sound and songwriting approaches of bands like Die Kreuzen, Spike in Vain, and Saccharine Trust, though they were never as over-the-top artsy as the latter two bands. On this LP they take that basic framework and incorporate elements of 60s psychedelic and garage music, mostly notably organs / synths and more ambitious backing vocals. As should be the case when a band makes the move from 7" to 12", they expand their horizons a little bit and get slightly more ambitious without ever losing what made their early work brilliant in the first place. Basically, if you're on board with the kind of music that I tend to champion the loudest--hardcore punk that manages to toe the line between smart and raging--you absolutely need this LP. If you heard their singles you already know that you need this, but even if this is your introduction to the band I encourage you not to sleep on this, because this is one of the most innovative and exciting hardcore records I've heard in some time. Highly recommended.
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