Bill Bondsmen / SBLC: Split 7"

Rust on the Blade Records


This is the first new material we've heard in a while from Detroit's Bill Bondsmen, and they continue on the tear they've been on with their last few EPs. Why no one is talking about this is beyond me, as I think they're great... their earlier releases weren't too exciting, but in the past couple of years they've put out four or five top-notch records of uncomfortable, almost psychedelic hardcore in the midwestern tradition of bands like Die Kreuzen and Mecht Mensch, and they continue to augment things with some weird guitar effects that bring it more in the direction of even more progressive hardcore like Broken Prayer. As for SBLC, apparently they're an old Detroit band that's recently gotten back together and they are pretty ripping too... I hadn't actually heard of them before, but their track is a pounding, mid-to-fast-paced hardcore number that bears more than a passing resemblance to the mighty Out Cold. The packaging on this one is also top-notch, with a screen-printed jacket sealed with a wax stamp.

Tags: 10s detroit hardcore midwest