Bill Bondsmen: Dead b/w Peasant Under Glass 7"


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Those of you who have picked up the Bondsmen's past two singles are no doubt stoked to see another one. For those of you who aren't hip, let me inform you that Detroit's Bill Bondsmen have quietly been becoming one of the most exciting punk bands in the world, releasing these limited-run, self-released singles with sloppily-screened covers. The band have some older material that I didn't care for very much, but what they've put out on these self-released singles is absolute gold... genre-busting weirdo hardcore that sounds like Die Kreuzen and the Germs had writing, diseased baby who grew up to steal Greg Sage's chorus pedal. This new single is without a doubt the best of the bunch... seriously, these two songs are so ragingly weird, catchy and awesome... there are no words. GET THIS! Self-released

Tags: 10s USA USHC