Big Crux: We Got A Jam! cassette

Not Normal Records


Collection tape compiling everything this band has released except the Ponchito 12" that also came out on Not Normal. Big Crux started out and remain an utterly singular band. The general word on them is that they work in a Minutemen / Big Boys milieu, but I don't think that's really that accurate because they clearly aren't copyists. I mean, they use undistorted guitar like the Minutemen and they have no trouble genre-hopping like the Big Boys, but really to me they sound almost like a band who are punk by default, or perhaps discovered punk by accident. They are a phenomenally versatile band, but they're punk because everything they play is pretty much loud and fast. However, they aren't tied to the same song structures, production styles, chord progressions, or any of the other things that make a band sound like a punk band in the year 2015. That's a recipe for a divisive reception if I've ever heard one, and consequently Big Crux are a band that people seem either to love or hate. With tastemakers like Iron Lung and Not Normal in their camp, though, Big Crux are well worth some investigation from the open-minded modern punker.
Tags: 10s garage punk