Big Boys: Lullabies Help the Brain Grow / No Matter How Long... 2x12"

X-Mist Records


X-Mist celebrated its 20-year-anniversary of existence with the re-release of the rare records by the one band that had the biggest influence on our own attitude and ideas! The BEST 2 LPs by the Texas-Punk legends BIG BOYS, including Tim Kerr on guitar (later in bands like JACK O'FIRE, LORD HIGH FIXERS, NOW-TIME DELEGATION and more, currently involved in the TOTAL SOUND GROUP) - And even though the music was recorded more than 20 years ago, it still sounds today as fresh, energetic, inspiring and original as it did back then - one of the VERY RARE things in life that can stand the test of time! TRUE CLASSICS!!! Both LPs, originally released in 1983 resp. 1984, had being sold-out since many years, and now for the FIRST TIME officially(!) available again - packed into one full-color gatefold- sleeve(!) with the original artwork from both LPs, plus a poster-like insert including all the lyrics & photos from the original inserts, plus liner-notes!
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