Beyond: Dew It! Live on Crucial Chaos XNYU 12"

Revelation Records


Beyond, though short lived in the NYHC scene (1988-1989), made an impact with their personal brand of Long Island metal-tinged hardcore with intricate riffage. The "Dew It!" demo was supposed to be recorded for Schism but the label folded before it got off the ground. They sold their demos through Some Records on the Lower East Side until the store closed and the rest were sold through mailorder. Originally recorded on a 1" tape and mixed on cassette, "Dew It!" has been remixed to give it the sound that was previously intended. Backed with the demo is Beyond's live set on WYNU's legendary punk and hardcore radio show, "Crucial Chaos," which was started in the late '80s and still continues to this day, nearly 25 years later. Members of Beyond have gone on to bands like Quicksand, Bold, Inside Out, Burn, Shelter, 108 and more. Revelation Records has combined these two gems on vinyl and paired it with a 20-page, 12" x 12" booklet. LP includes digital download of this record.

Our take: Reissue of the legendary demo and a radio set from New York's Beyond. I hadn't listened to Beyond for a very, very long time, but I have to say I loved spinning this well-done collection. It's easy, in retrospect, to paint all of that New Breed-era stuff as soundalike tough-guy drivel, but Beyond were a freaking weird band. Listening to them in 2015, I'm struck by their range of influences... to me, they sound like a mix of the more melodic end of the youth crew sound (in particular Chain of Strength, whose vocals are quite similar to Beyond's), early NYHC like the Abused, thrash metal, skate rock, and even a hair of blistering thrash (which you might compare to anyone from DRI to Straight Ahead). These influences are hardly digested fully, and the band can swing wildly between them, even in the same song. The drumming is also a good deal less than tight, but to me it's this rickety-ness that gives Beyond their charm. They weren't afraid to take risks with their songwriting, which is something you definitely couldn't say about all of their contemporary bands in the New York or the national straight edge scene of the time. Given that this is on Revelation it's hardly surprising that this collection is extremely well-done, with top-notch sound a really cool, 12"x12" booklet full of interviews, flyers, and other ephemera... if you've enjoyed going through Radio Raheem's releases by Breakdown or Agnostic Front you'll love this as well.
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