Beta Defect: 1985 Demo Cassette

Agrowax Records


Re-release of the long-lost 1985 demo by this band out of Pearland, Texas, which I'd definitely have to look at a map to find. By 1985 the most exciting first wave of hardcore was definitely over, so it was left to bands in under-appreciated scenes like this to keep the flame going. Well, as anyone with a copy of Killed by Hardcore or access to the Kill from the Heart web site knows, there were plenty of bands doing so, and Beta Defect definitely hold their own. You can definitely hear the influences of the time... obviously these guys had heard the classics like Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, Angry Samoans, etc., but there's also a kind of proto-grunge element as well a la the Frantix or something like that. For some reason I could totally imagine Mudhoney covering one of these songs... even though it sounds nothing like them, it's exactly like the kind of raw, perfect punk that they did cover (i.e. Frantix, the Dicks, Void, etc.). It's surprising that a demo this ripping and this well-recorded is just being unearthed, but I'm glad it is! Definitely an essential purchase for the USHC archaeologist.

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