Belgrado: S/T 12"

Discos Enfermos


Much-hyped debut LP from this goth-tinged Spanish punk band. "Goth-tinged" could mean a whole lot of different things these days, and a lot of former crusties who have attempted to inject some darkness into their sound come off as very cheesy and contrived, but not so with Belgrado. One of the main reasons for that is that rather than looking toward the super-mopey sounds of Pornography-era Cure (as a lot of goth-influenced bands do), Belgrado seem more influenced by early Siouxsie in the Banshees, early Killing Joke, and other dark post-punk that was still very connected to the '77 scene. So you get great songwriting, cool atmospherics, and just a hint of darkness. Basically, this is just an upbeat, incredibly memorable punk record that employs some slightly different textures. Highly recommended. Note: these copies were packed extremely poorly; luckily they remained unscathed save for a small dent on the right side of the jacket, but beware these copies are not in perfect "mint" condition." MMM Records

Tags: 10s goth goth-punk post-punk spain