Bed Bugs: S/T 7"

Mata La Musica Discos


Demented, angry and punishing. These punks storm the Beaches of Mentone,Ca and deliver us an onslaught of 5 tracks for your pleasure. At the drop of the needle the first track opens up with that mesmerizing deep churning bassline that builds with anticipation. The vocals are full of anger and lyrically directed towards everyday societal bullshit. The maniac behind the skins is not shy and may appear naked at times during a live show but that doesn't stop him from pounding away at those drums.The dual axe wielding punk guitar leads are executed so damn good, it’s raw, distorted and loud. Live on stage and on vinyl these guys tear it up. If you enjoy good old hardcore punk like VOID, BGK, Bannlyst then this band and record is for you! With an east coast tour already under their belt we can only hope to see more and hear more from these maniacs!
Tags: 10s hardcore raw recommended