Beastman: Reinventing the Wheel 7"

Reel Time Records

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In their sophomoric release, Rochester primitives, BEASTMAN, dynamically build upon the percussive hardcore present on their 2014 self-titled cassette. Favoring an even more extreme approach to their signature off-kilter musicianship, these hook-laden stompers twist and turn their way through a maze of riffage, managing never to compromise the meat and potatoes of the songs themselves. Though occasionally treading the acrid water of the BUTTHOLE SURFERS in sheer weirdness, the backbone here is made up of finely sculpted hardcore punk of the early eighties school of thought. Stone-faced yet sardonic, the lyrical content here is implicit and biting. Never by the books, BEASTMAN have created a four-song 7” EP that stands entirely on its own as a piece of hardcore unrivaled in its originality and sheer unwillingness to conform to any one sect of the genre.

Our take: Upstate New York is kind of known, at this point, for their left-of-center punk bands. I suppose if I'm thinking about it in a national or global context then Beastman certainly are left of center, but within the context of the genre-busting scenes in Rochester, Buffalo, and other nearby areas this sounds positively straightforward. Still, this doesn't really sound much like anything else happening in the punk scene right now. It's kind of in that grey area between punk and hardcore that I really like, incorporating the speed and precision of hardcore with the snottiness of punk and even some of the rhythmic quirkiness of bands like the Minutemen or Wire (though it's not nearly as arty or as jammy as either of those). I often talk about punk bands that are just so mean that they end up sounding like hardcore bands, and Beastman certainly fall into that category. For some reason I'm also reminded quite a bit of the almighty Negative Trend... this has a similarly nihilistic and aggressive take on the 2nd-gen California punk sound. At any rate, if you like your hardcore punk loud, fast, snotty, and early 80s-inspired this is highly recommended.
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