BB Eye: S/T 7"

BB Eye: S/T 7"

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Texas Chainsaw Mascara + Buzzsaw Breakfast b/w Big Cicada

Miss Lady and Miss Penis in a dandy band. Outrageous Calypso New Wave. Expect an LP this summer.

Risographed sleeves by Oddities

Our take: Debut vinyl from this pair that is, if I understand correctly, an alternate moniker for Natural Man and Miss Lady, who produced one of the more warped and fascinating tapes I've heard in recent memory. BB Eye is pretty straightforward by comparison, but probably still very, very weird music by just about anyone else's standards. It sounds like this project relies on live drums, two synths (a low one and a high one) and vocals. It's a similar setup to the Screamers, but BB Eye sound more playful and fun than sinister and apocalyptic. The songs are super catchy (even if the vocals are somewhat obscured by fuzz), reminding me of a wilder, looser version of the manic early Nots material or maybe a nastier version of Ausmuteants with no guitars and a less classically pop songwriting style. I'd say that you definitely have to be on board with the Lumpy aesthetic to get down with this, but if you like the wildness of Janitor Scum you'll flip out for this. Highly recommended.