Barricaded Suspects: Demo cassette



Demo cassette from this new band out of Nashville, TN. I feel like the last few bands I've heard out of Nasvhille have had a very dark, warped sound, but Barricaded Suspects play upbeat, catchy early 80s-sounding hardcore (which makes sense given that they take their name from a classic early 80s HC compilation). While there are a couple of weird little wrinkles here and there (I especially like the quirky, Die Kreuzen-esque guitar stuff that pops up from time to time), this almost sounds like something that could have come from the heyday of No Way Records in the mid-00s. Yeah, it's a little darker and nastier, but fans of stuff like Acid Reflux, Government Warning, or Cross Laws will definitely dig this.

Tags: 10s hardcore ushc