Barcelona: Pueden Ser Ellos 7"

La Vida Es Un Mus


BARCELONA's follow up to their gigantic "Extremo Nihilismo En Barcelona" is another piece of ugly hardcore which sounds just as violently raw and unhinged as their debut. The four tracks on this 7" follow the template of no-snare hardcore with repetitive blown out bass lines and out of control no form guitar playing, fronted by an extremely angry singer which seems to feed her anger on your misery. For those looking for references BARCELONA lays somewhere between SHOTGUN SOLUTION, FIRMEZA 10, QLOAQA LETAL and UNITED MUTATION all filtered thru a Catalan kaleidoskope.

The record comes in a pocket sleeve with a double sided 340 x 510 mm poster designed by the greatest Oriol Roca which doubles as drummer in the band.

Our take: Man, this new EP from Barcelona is absolutely SAVAGE. Sure, everyone is talking about the new Rixe, but for my money this is the most exciting record of this current batch of LVEUM releases. If there's one thing that listening to punk records for the past 2+ decades has taught me, it's that wildness and spontaneity are things that are very difficult to capture, and when they do get preserved on tape the record ends up being something very, very special. It's something you can say about Void's side of the split with the Faith, some of the Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers records, a handful of KBD classics, and relatively few other records in the canon of punk rock. Well, add this Barcelona 7" to the list. It just explodes out of the speakers, but it's more than just the in-the-red production that generates the intensity. The riffing is just truly wild and off the wall, particularly on the first track on the b-side. This is one of my favorite punk songs of recent memory, with guitar and bass riffs that lock together in such an unexpected fashion that if both instruments weren't so blaring and distorted that it probably wouldn't seem like punk rock at all. In a scene full of "genre exercises" this stands out for spinning my head around and making me re-think what's possible on a punk record. Highest possible recommendation.
Tags: 10s hardcore punk recommended Spain weird yoobl