Bakteerit: Demo Cassette



Demo cassette from this new North Carolina band that basically consists of half of No Tomorrow and half of Skemí_ta. As you can expect, the foundation here is raw hardcore punk... some of the songs are in Finnish apparently, and I guess that I do hear a little bit of classic Finnish hardcore in the vein of Rattus or Riistetyt, but really this sounds more Japanese than anything... obviously you could make a comparison to Poikkeus, but I feel like there's a lot of Disclose's sound in Bakteerit, perhaps augmented with a little bit of that Riot City Records-style stomp. Given the members' backgrounds you know that these guys can write riffs for days and play them at a caliber that few can match, but what's most surprising about this release to me is how raw and nasty it sounds... definitely a highly recommended demo for fans of raw international hardcore.

Tags: 10s D-beat fast hardcore north carolina raw recommended