Baghead: demo cassette



Killer demo cassette from this hardcore punk band out of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Our take: Demo cassette from this punk band from the unlikely locale of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Though I can't recall ever hearing of another band from there, I'd say that Baghead are probably right at home in the current scene of mutant punk and hardcore coming out of the midwest. This is quite similar in vibe to the whole Coneheads / CCTV / Big Zit axis, but definitely doesn't sound like a ripoff in any way, just that it's connected in spirit as if nothing else. I don't know if anyone has a term for this scene (I've seen "slime punk" bandied about, but that seems to apply to Lumpy & the Dumpers mostly, who are clearly connected to but also a bit different from this scene), but whatever it is it's at this point where there are all of these bands popping up... Baghead, Menthol, the NWI bands, Warm Bodies, etc., and all of them are quite unique and all of them are very exciting. Get in on the ground floor, folks, because this shit's about to blow up if it hasn't already. It's too good and too new not to. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s hardcore noisy punk raw recommended