Bad People: Pearls Before Swine 7"

Feeble Minds Records


Debut 7" from this new Buffalo, NY band comprised of members of Brown Sugar, Shoppers, and many others. Buffalo is definitely a city where the freak flags fly high and proud, and Bad People are definitely in the tradition of weird, left-of-center punk bands like Brown Sugar... in fact, they're a good bit weirder than Brown Sugar, though like that band they remain very aggressive and punk. The sound is tight, manic, and ritalin-addled, but never overly obtuse... in that way Bad People remind me of the artsier bands on the Dangerhouse label, in particular Black Randy and Rhino 39. Very highly recommended... one of those records that you'll love immediately, yet somehow sounds like absolutely nothing else in your collection. How many other punk records can you say that about in 2013? Feeble Minds Records

Tags: 10s USA USHC