Bad Noids: It's a Doggie Bag World 7"

Feel It Records


Cleveland's resident punk geniuses and troublemakers are back with a new EP, possibly the best sonic reductions that BAD NOIDS have committed to vinyl. “Into The Future” is a strikingly simple, yet instantly memorable and aggressive punk hit, bearing torch to the top shelf lineage of Cleveland punk doled out over the decades by labels like Drome and Non-Commercial. Side B features two quick and snappy blasts of perfectly disaffected hardcore punk slop, a bit more of a recognizable BAD NOIDS sound from previous outings on Katorga Works and Saucepan, yet even tighter and further refined with age. With clever lines such as “I hate water, it makes me wet” you can bet that BAD NOIDS haven't drifted too far from the Cleveland water supply, though they will be touring Europe for the second time on the heels of this 7”. Recorded by the same folks that brought you Cruelster/Perverts Again and with stunning artwork by W.Mass legend Tony Pasquarosa (SQRM, Gluebag, Burnt Envelope) this is a real gamma ray blast into the future. FEEL IT 10.

Our take: Latest 7" from this Cleveland band, and I have to say that it is a real ripper. The a-side is a comparatively mid-paced song with layers upon layers of crazy-sounding guitars that give this a quasi-psychedlic feel, with the ranting, snotty vocals ensuring that it is not a good trip. It's loose, confrontational, yet at the same time weirdly smart and sophisticated... in a word, it's very Cleveland. On the b-side you get two hardcore rippers, and the combination of blistering, fast-and-tight rhythms and snotty, sarcastic vocals (even though the label's description mentions it, I can't help but point out the amazing line, "I hate water, it makes me wet") reminds me quite a bit of the first Adrenalin OD EP, which I consider probably the high-water mark of this style of sarcastic USHC. There are really only a few minutes of music on this 7", but there's a lot going on between the layers of sound, the lyrics and vocals, and the killer artwork. If you get down with the whole Cleveland vibe of bands from the Homostupids to Folded Shirt to Cruelster to Perverts Again this without a doubt deserves a spot in your collection.
Tags: 10s cleveland hardcore midwest recommended ushc