Bad Noids: Ebola Now for the Future 7"

Saucepan Records


These midwest miscreants are back with a new EP, and despite the kind of ridiculous cover art this is a total scorcher! I like this miles better than their previous record on Katorga Works... the production is really in your face (the bass sounds like it's plugged directly into your skull), and the sound is totally off the rails in the tradition of the very best Cleveland-area punk. The other thing that this EP reminds me a lot of is the Angry Samoans... like the classic early Samoans stuff, this EP is full of songs that are short, fast, and sarcastic, but like the Samoans this has a sense of dynamics that not a lot of modern bands who play this hard and fast are able to achieve. If you're into anything from Career Suicide and Acid Reflux to Crazy Spirit and Ivy this is acerbic little blast of punk is well worth your attention.

Tags: 10s garage hardcore midwest punk raw recommended USHC