Bad Daddies / White Fang: Split 7"

Finch Records


Split 7" from these two raw garage punk bands. Portland's White Fang dish out two tracks of raw, distorted, yet still catchy and pop-oriented garage that seethes with energy. Neither too raw nor too polished, this reminds me of bands like Jay Reatard and Useless Eaters who are ambitious in their songwriting but determined to sound the best kind of s***ty. As for NoCal's Bad Daddies, they have a really interesting sound that can veer toward either hardcore or pretty darn poppy garage. The killer lady vocals make this sound almost just like Sin 34 on their more hardcore-oriented stuff, but when they slow things down the melody pops and you get some great, raw, catchy as hell garage. A really killer split! Finch Records

Tags: 10s garage USA