Bad Daddies: B.D. Demo 2016 cassette



New demo tape from this California band... have they changed their name? I have no idea! But they still rule!

Our take: Latest release from this California band who continue to be crucially underrated. Maybe it's their name (which just doesn't work... it always reminds me of the burger joint called Bad Daddies), and maybe that's why they seem to be taking steps to move away from that name here. Anyway, Bad Daddies used to surprise me with their ferocity, but on this demo they surprise me by going further afield and getting decidedly more abstract. For me, the peak is "How Do You Like Your Coffee?," a track whose simple, melodic bass line reminds me of the cream of the crop of 90s bands, particularly Nirvana and the Breeders. It's rare that a band can truly fuse heavy and experimental influences from bands like Sonic Youth and their ilk with real pop songwriting chops, but Bad Daddies knock it out of the park. Not only are these songs brilliant, but they don't really sound like anyone else out there... this band has truly developed their own signature voice, and it's one that consistently delivers big rewards. If you aren't already on board I strongly recommend keeping an eye on this band.
Tags: 10s hardcore melodic noisy post-punk punk youfive