Bad Breeding: S/T 12"



Do you like ICONS OF FILTH as much as I do. Then buy this record asap. (Paco Mus)
Breeding finally unleash their debut album on Vinyl only on their own label. The sound is dense, dark, intense and angry. Over the 16 tracks the album hits hard with a relentless rhythm section, squealling guitar work and a vocalist that spits bile and makes life sound bleak and unbearable. It mixes the sound of 'Strive to Survive' era Flux of Pink Indians and Exit Stance and the abrasive wall of noise of Pissed Jeans and Metz. Stevenage maybe a shithole suburb of London but it has helped and influenced Bad Breeding to this special album. The LP comes with inner-sleeve artwork, lyric sheets, a poster and a collection of essays. Limited to 1000 Copies.

Our take: Debut LP from this new band from the London area. Various descriptions of this record mention anarcho punk, hardcore, and noise rock, and that's a pretty good indication of the stew you get here... though I'd add that there's a bit of the proto-industrial sound of Killing Joke somewhere in the mix as well. Basically, what that means is that this has the slightly rant-y vocal style and earnestness of anarcho punk, but there are also some more traditional hardcore moves (which is why Icons of Filth is such a good reference point), but there's also a lot of really interesting, almost melodic overtones cascading across the top of all of the heaviness, which is why it feels right to reference Killing Joke or even Pissed Jeans. It's an interesting combo that I don't feel like I've heard before... whereas so many anarcho-influenced bands come off as super retro, Bad Breeding seem to be taking the important parts of that sound and modernizing it without feeling contrived or corny. The physical aesthetic of the release also pays a bit of homage to the old anarcho style with its hand-stamped jacket and multiple inserts (one of which is, as far as I can gather, largely about the portrayal of the working class on British TV, and as such will be all but incomprehensible to the average American). If you are picking up that new Anxiety LP on LVEUM (and you definitely should be), this is along the same lines and also highly recommended.
Tags: 10s anarcho hardcore noise recommended uk