Bad Blood: Demo Cassette

Not Normal Records


Not Normal is rather cagey about this one, just saying that it's a cross-country collaboration between people from well-known bands... that sure sounds like Ralph of Raw Nerve / Not Normal on vocals, but aside from that I'm stumped as to who the personnel might be (though I'm guessing Liz is Liz from Libyans / Broken Prayer). This demo definitely has a kind of confident swagger that betrays the fact that these folks have played in a lot of bands, but the music is very stripped-down and barebones 80s hardcore punk. Most songs are built around a dead simple, 1-2-1-2 hardcore beat that gives this a very Dischord-ish feel a Iron Cross or Artificial Peace or something like that, but with a bit of the chaos and atmosphere that was a distinctive part of Raw Nerve's sound. Basically, this is your typical meat and potatoes USHC, and it sounds a lot fresher than it would have five years ago when everyone in their mother was playing this style.

Tags: 10s hardcore midwest ushc