Avon Ladies: 2nd 7"

Fashionable Idiots Records

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Avon Ladies... man, what a band! I was lucky enough to catch them live a handful of times last summer, and they were genuinely one of the most exciting, dangerous, and thrilling live bands that I've ever seen. I liked the band based on their earlier 7" on Katorga Works, but I became downright obsessed with them, and was extremely sad to hear that they'd broken up only a few months later. Ultimately, I think that the raw, chaotic power of the band's live set was best caught on the rehearsal recordings they released on limited cassettes (you may have picked up copies at Chaos in Tejas 2012), their records remain indispensable documents. In particular, I'm beyond stoked to finally have a studio version of "Candy Sex," which has one of the most undeniable riffs I've heard in years and a mega-catchy chorus to boot. Absolutely essential. Fashionable Idiots / Distort

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