Ausmuteants: Order of Operation 12"

Goner Records


So there have been a whole slew of new Ausmuteants releases that have come out in the past few weeks / months (presumably in concurrence with the band's US tour dates), and after a couple of delays we finally have the new full-length on Goner. If you're expecting something different from these guys you're probably going to be sorely disappointed, as this pretty much gives us more of the same energetic, synth-tastic punk that has appeared on all of their previous releases. It's kind of incredible that they've managed to write this many songs and maintain a consistent level of quality across all of their releases, but it's hard to argue that this new LP signifies any kind of appreciable dip in quality. The riffs and synth lines are still ridiculously catchy, the lyrics are still really dumb and fun, and the rhythm section still barrels forward with unmatched energy. I can imagine their releases seeming somewhat redundant at some point, but if you've worn out their first full-length like I have you'll be happy as a pig in slop just to have more.

Tags: 10s australia/nz garage melodic punk recommended