Ausmuteants / Housewives: Split 7"

Total Punk Records


We are back with a second single from Ausmuteants, and this time you get the added bonus of the Housewives. Two of the best Australian bands going, on one piece of wax. I don't expect this one to be long for the world and with good reason. This thing rules. Plus its a Total Punk first. This thing has four tracks on it! Hurry up and buy this thing, and if you are in Europe check out the Ausmuteants on their European tour, which starts this week.

Our take: Split 7" from these two Australian bands, one of whom you've probably heard of and one of whom you might not have heard of. I guess they tried to inject some life into the rather outre split 7" form by concocting a little experiment... I guess each band wrote a song, then sent the lyrics and the chords to the other band but no instructions about melodies / patterns / tempos / arrangements / etc., and one of each band's two tracks is a result of this collaboration. Perhaps it's unsurprising that Ausmuteants, being a band with a rather distinctive style, turn in a couple of tracks that sound quite a lot like Ausmuteants songs, and that's definitely a good thing! The first one is perhaps a bit more menacing and mid-paced than their earlier material, and the slight change-up suits them well. As for Housewives, they're a little heavier and a little less keyboard-tastic than Ausmuteants, but overall they do a great job of upholding the current high standard for fun, bouncy punk coming out of Australia. If you're a Total Punk fanatic you probably bought this already, but if not it's a pretty darn fun little single.
Tags: 10s australia Australia/NZ garage melodic punk