Ausmuteants: Ah¨Í What an Ugly Face Every Face Is 7"

Heinous Anus Records


Synth-laden, robotic, Devo influenced punk.
Terminal Boredom says..."Daylight Robbery" has a wheezy organ lead running over some great locked-in post-punk rhythm work from the rest of the band, "Spit on the Cat" sounds like a great punky Lost Sounds demo and even gets a bit Total Controlled. These kids have a good knack for being synthy without sounding too stereotypically synth-punk. "Red-Bellied Black Snake" has a certain Spits-like quality to its android punk rhythm and deadpan vox, "Bloody Rip Off" sounds like classic Aussie post-punk, female led in the vein of Suicide Squad perhaps, very anthemic vocally and instrumentally and the probable hit here."
Tags: australia/NZ garage post-punk synth