Ausencia: 2016 demo cassette

Verdugo Discos


New cassette from this Los Angeles punk band.

Our take: Second cassette release, I believe (the first was re-released as a 7" on Discos MMM) from this LA punk group. LA has a really hot scene right now with bands like Blazing Eye and Generacion Suicida, and Ausencia certainly deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as those bands. I absolutely love their sound, which incorporates elements of classic singalong Spanish punk in the Eskorbuto tradition and marries it with the fast and tight rhythms of west coast hardcore like the Adolescents and the Circle Jerks. Both of those styles are really catchy, and Ausencia, in a way, are double-catchy because you remember both the intricacy of their rhythms and the hooks in their vocal melodies. It's a powerful sound, shining through the relatively raw (but by no means crappy) production. Some might find this a little too melodic for their tastes, but this hits the sweet spot for me.
Tags: 10s gb325 hardcore oi! punk UK82