Ausmuteants: Band of the Future 12"

Aarght Records


Band Of The Future is AUSMUTEANTS fourth album and probably their best to date. Previous albums have been released in the US on Goner Records; they toured the US in support of their previous album Order of Operation in 2014 Ausmuteants are not the band of the future or the past. Ausmuteants are just a band. Not punk, new wave, hardcore, boogie, darkwave, Oi, hyphenate-rock or pet rock. Not sharpies. Not chavs. Not drug users and not straight edge. Ausmuteants are regular dudes practicing the sound of things falling apart. OK, that’s enough trying to perfume a fart, just listen to the thing.

Our take: Brand new full-length from Australia's Ausmuteants, and I'd classify it as a slightly more mature effort for them, insofar it's appropriate to use the word "mature" in any context relating to this band. Certainly the lyrics are still very much tongue in cheek and those up-front synth melodies might grate on the nerves of a self-serious music snob, but I dare say that Ausmuteants have become pretty darn sophisticated songwriters. It still sounds like them, but the songs have an added depth that they didn't have before. On their earlier albums I could see one saying that the band were merely coasting on a fresh sound and witty lyrics, but there's a lot more going on here. I wasn't sure I really needed to hear a new Ausmuteants LP, but Band of the Future has convinced me otherwise.
Tags: 10s garage punk recommended yoobl